Things to consider when improving your home office

The pandemic has forced many people to start working from home, and not everyone has had an adequate space to do so. That has brought the need to renovate in order to make the place as work-friendly as possible. 

Geographical boundaries do not mean much anymore, as working from home is possible in the age of instant communication through the internet. If this pandemic happened 20 or 30 years ago, that may have been a different story. What Interior design tips should be considered when planning out a home office? Let’s take a look:

Carving out a dedicated space

Make the place you are forced to work in have it’s own purpose. If you have an unused guest room because no one was allowed to come over and use it in the past 20 or so months, that can be a place to convert.

Space planning

Space planning is crucial when it comes to interior design. 

One particular thing that would be important for office stuff is to not overfill the space. Make sure you have enough room to move around instead of cramming things in. 


Investing in furniture with some visual appeal can make the work space more interesting to be in rather than it becoming a boring space that you grow to loathe. 

It can involve a desk that is not super basic, some pictures for the wall,


You will not be able to enjoy your home office if it is not bright enough to see it in the first place. Also, light strain from a computer screen without much other lighting can be hazardous. 

One particular way to get some light into the room is to simply have a window. If it is a gloomy day or night time, you will need to find other ways to make sure you can see.

Direct light from a source can be very intense. Just think of all the shadows that get created on a sunny day. On a cloudy day, the light is more diverged and there are less shadows.   

Ergonomic products

What will you be doing a lot of when working from home? Sitting and typing at a computer. This may seem crazy for some, but there actually are hazards to doing such a task for a prolonged period of time if you are not careful.

The use of ergonomic products can help mitigate the risks. Having a good comfortable office chair is one of them, and that is a product you should not cheap out on. Being uncomfortable when sitting for a while can have some health risks such as pain and muscle stress.

People will probably be hitting their fingertips on a keyboard all day for a while, so that should be something to invest in as well. Ergonomic keyboards are often bent in a v-shape so people do not have to bend their arms in awkward ways. The mouse too. An ergonomic mouse is shaped more like an actual hand would be when sitting in a chair facing a computer. 

One more thing in particular would be a monitor stand. Looking down at a computer all day is not the best for posture reasons. Bringing the computer up to eye level can help mitigate those risks. 

Here is a link to an article that goes on about more ergonomic products.

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