Architectural Design

  1. Inspiration
    The inspiration and vision of a project is the catalyst to starting any design. We always recommend that our clients start a Pinterest board with ANY and ALL images they find interesting. We then narrow it down to determine exactly what out clients are looking to achieve.
  2. Schematic Design
    We turn the inspiration into a reality, creating floor plans and exterior elevations that bring all of our client’s  ideas into one design.        
  3.  Design Development
    At this stage, we take our client’s comments/feedback and revise the plans accordingly. This is a critical time in the process because the remaining steps below are based on the finalized design.
  4. Construction Documents
    We generate blueprints based on the approved floorplans and exterior elevations. These documents are what the Building Department, construction team and trades will use to approve, quote and build from.
  5. Construction
    The final stage in the process, this is the point where our blueprints are passed onto the construction team and trades for them to work their magic. Our support doesn’t stop here, we are always available for a call or site visit with our clients and their builders if any issues arise on the site.

Photorealistic 3D Renderings

Home construction, regardless of the extent, is one of the biggest investments in our client’s lives. Regardless if it is a renovation or complete new build, the majority of our clients have a hard time visualizing what the finished product will look like. What sets us apart is that we are able to show our clients the proposed plans in 3D and go even a step further, showing our clients their chosen materials and textures. This process showcases proportions and materials to help our clients properly visualize the spaces we have created.

Site Research

  1. Review property survey
  2. Zoning Research
  3. Conduct a review to confirm is property is governed by additional authorities having jurisdiction (i.e. Heritage, Conservation, etc).

Permitting & Planning

The permitting and planning process can be complicated, which is why we offer support to our clients from the beginning to the end of a project. The need for various permits is examined on a project-by-project basis. Before the schematic design even begins, we establish what permits will be required for each project. This reduces time delays for everyone involved and leaves no surprises for our clients, come permit submission time.

Let’s design your picture-perfect home in Photorealistic 3D.