Make rainy days interesting with a rain chain

I can’t speak on behalf of everyone here, but rainy days are definitely a trendy thing to hate. No matter what your opinion is about rainy days, they happen, and homeowners must plan for it.

Rain chain

What you typically might see houses use to deal with rain would be downspouts. While those may do the job, it has its risks especially if you do not know what you are doing when installing them. Getting it out far enough away from the foundation of the house is very important. Depending on the slopes of your property, you may have to dig a trench, and that requires manual labour. 

From a visual appeal standpoint, a simple tube being exposed may not be the most pleasing to look at. People usually hide all their wires behind furniture in their house, but outside you may often see a downspout out in the open for everyone to see. 

Another way to remove water from your gutters is by using a rain chain. While it pretty much has the same purpose as a downspout, the visual appeal is much higher. 
It does not end with just the chain, as the water still needs to go somewhere, and ideally away from the foundation of your house. You can be creative when thinking of how the water will be collected. 
Other options are to have the rain chain integrated into your exterior flower pots or collected the rain in a barrel, both are multipurpose options that can benefit your gardens and landscaping.

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