Double Wythe Brick Homes

If your house is located in the downtown Toronto area and is in close proximity to a neighbour, it is likely that the walls are double wythe brick. The love for brick construction became even more prevalent after the Great Fire of Toronto in 1849 and again in 1904, where almost the entire City was taken out by the blaze. Double brick construction continued up until the 1960s until it was slowly phased out with newer building systems using wood studs and a single layer of brick.

Brick wall
Screenshot from Stu Crompton on Youtube

Double wythe brick walls are composed of two layers of brick separated by a small cavity, typically filled with fibre glass or mortar. Used in the early 1900s, this type of construction wasn’t built or designed with the idea of insulation values or heat loss that we know today. 

Courtesy of the City of Toronto Archives

These homes have been some of our favourite projects, they are filled with character and were truly built with solid bones, I mean, how much more solid can you get than two layers of masonry and mortar holding up your house? If faced with a renovation or addition to an existing double wythe brick home there are several factors to take into consideration before starting. It is always best to find a designer that is familiar with this type of construction. If they have experience with these types of homes, they will have a better idea of what to expect behind the existing walls and how to blend the new with the old.

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